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Guangdong Fangyuan Panpan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the flourishing of the millennium culture. It is known as the “dream town water town”, which is located in the Pearl River Delta. It is uniquely rich in geography and has the advantages of development from the left and right, plus solid industrial foundation. Based on the high-tech technology industry, a large number of large-scale enterprises with strong strength, remarkable benefits, advanced technology and high management level have been built, including Fangyuan Panpan. After more than ten years of rapid development, Guangdong Fangyuan Panpan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has become a nationally renowned brand of drying and home furnishing. Since its inception, Fangyuan has been committed to the research, development, design, production and sales of home drying products, mainly focusing on drying rack products, including digital remote control, hand lifting, landing movement, outdoor sliding, etc. After 18 years of precipitation, it has been It has become one of the well-known professional drying and drying enterprises in the country.

Advanced production equipment, streamlined production system, standardized quality control system

The factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production equipment, scientific assembly line production system, standardized quality control system, professional management team and standardized production will provide the most quality and efficient logistics support. The company has its own independent R&D and design center, and has strong technical innovation and new product research and development capabilities, which directly guarantees the core competitiveness of the company's sustainable development. So far, it has obtained more than a dozen national patent technologies, and successfully developed and innovated. A number of technologies and products in the industry: such as independent research and development of motor core technology, patented gear bite technology (completely solve the problem of self-locking failure of hand crank), double-layer all-aluminum floor hangers, retractable aluminum-magnesium alloy hangers, etc., not only in the industry It caused a huge sensation inside, and it was also imitated by many brands.

Quality casts brand

Panpan will always adhere to the operating philosophy of “Quality creates brand, innovation promotes brand, reputation is big brand, and integrity makes brand”. It will always be committed to the sustainable development of intelligent drying industry, and will always build Panpan into a world-renowned drying machine. The home brand is the goal, unremitting efforts, continuous improvement, continuous breakthrough and beyond. All Panpan people will sincerely join hands and work hard to give each family a "reliable product, happy drying, satisfactory service, sincere respect". We hope that your future will always have "panpan"

Panpan, smart drying strength.

Panpan, creating a new era of intelligent drying.

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