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I hope that you will create a "temperature" drying experience for you.

With the progress of the times, home life has received more and more attention from the public. The people's living standards are improving day by day, and the living environment is improving day by day. Consumers are gradually changing the habit of drying clothes. The trend of consumption upgrading is irreversible. According to statistics, the annual sales of the drying industry is close to 9 billion yuan, and the drying industry in China is growing at a rate of 25%. The speed and scale of the industry can be seen.
Under this fierce competition, many drying brands have gradually launched complex and complex extension products, but they have neglected the fundamentals of the drying industry. The development model of Guangsha.com may be able to gain exposure in the industry in the short term, but focusing on the improvement of the quality of the washing machine products and the sense of user experience is the core competitiveness of the drying industry. Panpan has been adhering to the spirit of more than ten years of craftsmanship, always taking product quality as the core, constantly focusing on drying product research and development, and is committed to promoting the industry to a better development path.

Leading the trend of the industry, promoting drying to new height.

With the professional, dedicated and dedicated craftsman spirit, Panpan regards the creation of intelligent air-drying machine as its core competitiveness. In the industry, it has led the trend of technological innovation and promoted the development of the drying industry to the three dimensions of intelligence, humanization and systemization. This is the responsibility and obligation of Panpan intelligent drying to the development of the industry.

Concentrate on creating industry explosions

Concentrate on creating high-quality products has always been the core of Panpan's smart drying enterprise.

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